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David’s interest in cosmetic medicine initially developed in 1993, when he opened his first bottle of injectable muscle relaxant that was sweeping around the world. (Cosmetic medical clinics are not permitted by law to name schedule 4 medications on their websites, that’s why we refer to it here as muscle relaxing injections). Back in those days Dr. Powell was a principle of a large multidisciplinary medical centre in Melbourne of around 60 practitioners, which included many specialists. One of those specialists was  a plastic surgeon who mentored David on the finer points of cosmetic surgery. David then underwent extensive training, completed the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery exams and then commenced private cosmetic practice, initially mainly in liposuction. After a while, we decided to establish a niche cosmetic medical service for Melbourne that centred on treatments that could be performed in our rooms and didn’t require operations, theatres or a hospital stays. Since then, we have performed countless thousands of successful treatments, such as – anti wrinkle injections, injectable lip enhancements, face & skin enhancements and lipodissolve fat dissolving injections. Our main rooms are in Toorak but we have clinics in many Melbourne suburbs and regional areas of Victoria. This makes it very easy for our patients to see us regardless of where they live.

We strive to provide an exceptional service that includes not only expert medical care, but also a warm, happy, caring and totally confidential atmosphere. Over the years we have resisted the temptation to expand our our business and have vowed to remain true to  our goals. Our patients are guaranteed to always to have us care for them, instead of seeing a junior as occurs in many other clinic. We regard our patients as our friends and we just love to share a laugh and also see the smiles on their faces from a job well done.

Beauty is valued and it is natural to want to look your best. This includes replacing what time has taken from you as well as slowing down the signs of further aging. It also includes creating features that you were denied by your parental genes. This is not vanity. It is choosing to look your best.

We feel young on the inside but when we look in the mirror we often see a person who is far older than how we feel. Now we can use medical science to help you age far more gracefully than your grandparents ever did. You can appear ‘young’ and not just ‘young at heart’. The goal is to use interventions to enhance youthful beauty whilst always maintaining a natural appearance. Cosmetic medicine is changing very, very quickly. Many new simple new treatments are now available here is Australia. We feel that Melbourne is the fashion capital and we are constantly surprised by the number of international celebrities that visit here, and also have a quick touch up.

These simple procedures don’t require surgery or a hospital visit. Procedures that were once the province of ‘the rich and famous,’ are now within the reach of many people. Beauty is a journey. A gradual approach that focuses on your entire face is the best way to gradually create a youthful appearance. The aim is to create small changes to your appearance that produce significant changes in how you are perceived by yourself and others. Improving the way you feel about yourself.

Small external changes that result in big internal changes! A facial assessment is performed and various improvement strategies are suggested. People are often surprised when the most simplest of changes make a dramatic improvement in their appearance. Together, we will discuss which treatments are the best for you – but it is always your decision as to what treatment you undertake, if any.

Why do I have wrinkles?

As you age your facial bones and subcutaneous fat layer slowly lose their volume. These cause once high cheekbones to flatten and once sharp jaw lines to shrink and diminish. Plump cheeks gradually shrink and hollow, thick lips eventually thin and crinkle as they lose their volume. The overall result is that your facial skin gradually becomes too large for your slowly decreasing facial volume. To make matters worse, the damaging effects of the sun decreases the thickness, elasticity and strength of your skin layer. Your skin slowly loses its ability to gently hug your face. A general droopiness occurs – your once firm neck sags in jowls, bags form below your eyes, your cheekbones sag, your nose and your lower lip tend to droop. This combination of a decreasing facial volume and diminishing dermal elasticity eventually makes you look like a children’s inflatable plastic toy that doesn’t have enough air in it! Your skin has no other choice than to wrinkle and produce folds and bags. Although this process is inevitable it can be delayed with preventative care.

Where you get your wrinkles is determined by the combination of the continual pulling of your facial muscles and the dragging effect of gravity. Where your facial muscles continually contract and relax, they fold, crease and wrinkle your overlying skin. This is especially evident across your forehead, around your lips and between and around your eyes. These wrinkles generally give you an angry, frowning, tired appearance. The effect of gravity continually drags your skin progressively downward, causing jowls, fallen cheekbones and eye bags. The sun is particularly cruel to our faces. It also damages your outer skin layer which is called the epidermis. This results in causing a general lack of lustre and produces pigmentation changes ranging from simple freckles, through to age spot lentigos, benign tumours and skin cancers. How quickly your facial skin ages is also influenced by your genetic skin type and by environmental factors such as – excessive alcohol, cigarette smoke, stress, as well as lack of nutrition, exercise and sleep. These environmental factors also produce ’tell-tale’ signs of their effect on your facial skin. These include smoker’s lip lines, visible facial blood vessels, parotid gland swelling and nasal rhinophyma.

How can I improve the signs of aging?

There are many strategies that can be employed to address the effects that the aging process has on your face.

  • Avoid sun damage and always wear a ’sun screen’ – every day of the year.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking excessive alcohol.
  • Stay healthy and fit.  Keep your weight under control.
  • Get lots of sleep and relaxation.  Avoid stress wherever possible.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and eat plenty of fruits (especially berries) and leafy green, red or yellow vegetables.
  • Avoid starchy carbohydrates and avoid omega 6 fatty acid containing red meats. Avoid sugars and coffee. Eat lots of omega 3 fatty acid containing foods such as fish (especially salmon) and olives.
  • Use good quality skin care containing ‘anti-oxidants’ to slow dermal and epidermal aging.
  • Exfoliate regularly with alpha-beta hydroxy acids, chemical peels or dermasound.
  • Muscle relaxing injections can be used to prevent and treat facial wrinkles. It is ideal for horizontal forehead, vertical glabellar (between your eyes), perioral lip lines and radial crow’s feet lines (around the eyes). It can also be used to create aesthetic facial effects such as, eyebrow lift,  lip corner lift for smile enhancement and increased lip show.  It can also be used for the correction of ’negative emotional’ facies such as bitterness and sourness.
  • Various other wrinkles, lines, folds, furrows and depressions can be helped using various propriety fillers or even your own fat cells. These substances can also be used for rejuvenating, plumping and defining your lips
  • Regen Platelet Rich Plasma and Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix stimulates resting stem cells to initiate cellular regrowth, for a vastly improved appearance.
  • Collagen Induction Therapy by Deep Dermal Rolling can be used to stimulate collagen production by your skin, thereby improving skin thickness to soften wrinkles and acne scars, for a rejuvenated appearance.
  • Carboxytherapy is a simple procedure that hyperoxygenates facial tissues for a healthier complexion and a radiant glow.
  • Suture Lifting to raise sagging brows, cheekbones, cheeks and jaw lines.
  • Fat Transfer to rejuvenate eyes, temples, cheekbones, cheeks and lips.
  • Photodynamic therapies to improve skin health and tone
  • Facial Mesotherapy to restore lost skin nutrients
  • Rarely the desired effect cannot be achieved with the above treatments alone. When this occurs, conventional surgical face lifting can be performed.

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