Patient Comments

If we did good, please tell us. If we messed up, please let us know.

We value your appraisals and your constructive criticisms. Our aim is to provide the best service we can and your comments tell us where we are on the right track and where we need to improve. Send your comments and we will post them, together with our reply (in italics). We will only use your first name, age (when provided) and your suburb (when provided), so that your comment will be totally confidential.

Wendy, 38, from Hawthorn

I had botox from three other doctors before I met David. Before I met him I never knew how much I was getting and I often went away feeling that the doctors practiced a  ‘one size fits all’ type of practice that cost me a fortune. To make matter worse, I often ended up with heavy eyebrows, and a frozen look. One of my friends is one of Dr. Powell’s patients and when we compared notes, it was clear to me that I should see him. His wife Lina, is his nurse and she is so delightful and helpful. Even though I have had botox in the past, David took lots of time to work out what it was that “I” really wanted. He told me that treating my forehead is very tricky in my facial type and if we did too much, my eyebrows would be too heavy and that “I would hate him” for doing it. He explained that botox is a little like sugar in a cup of coffee. Everyones tastes are different. Some like it strong, some medium and some like just a touch of sugar. He said that often it is better to do less and that we can always “put in a little more if we need to, but we can’t take it out”. He taught me about units and it now makes total sense. With his help I now know exactly what dose works for me in all the areas of my face that I have treated. Even when I have to have a smaller treatment due to my budget, he always works with me to get the best results that I can afford.

Thank you for your kind words Wendy.

Alice, 53, From Toorak

I am very happy with the service but last visit I had to wait 20 minutes before I was seen.  Due to this and the traffic, I was late for a hairdressing appointment. Perhaps you could inform me in the future if you are running late.

Running behind schedule is the major problem we face. It is usually due to our patients not being on time for their appointment. This is usually due to them getting stuck in traffic or being delayed by public transport. When someone is running behind we don’t send them away, as it is almost always due to a reason beyond their control. We usually squeeze them in to a later appointment gap where we can when they are very late.  We will take your criticism on board and develop a system to let our patients know if we are behind schedule.

Rachel 25, from Prahran,

I have been to your clinic twice now and to keep on coming back. I wanted to do something to improve my lips. I didn’t like it that they got really thin when I smiled. I told the doctor that I wanted a $550 filler. Dr Powell asked me what I didn’t like about my lips and he discussed my concerns. He assessed my lips and suggested that I try a $60 botox treatment, even though I wanted to spend $550. He said that I was a perfect candidate for this cheaper treatment. He explained that he believed that it would give me the results that I was looking for and if I wanted a bigger look I could always have a filler in the future. He explained that it could take a week or two for the botox to work. Within a week I noticed that my lips stopped disappearing when I smiled.  I love the results. I feel really confident with Dr Powell. As I was new to all of this, he could have charged me with a dearer procedure. Even when I asked him what else I needed, he said that I didn’t need anything else for quite a few years. I really respect his caring and trust him to look after my face as I grow older.

Thank you for your kind words Rachel.

Angie, from Williamstown,

I have used other clinics for anti-ageing injectables in the past with results that have left me disappointed. Dr David Powell was recommended to me and I have used him ever since. His professionalism and genuine care not only educated me about anti-ageing injectables but leaves me with the  greatest and most natural looking results I have ever had.

David and Lina are a dedicated professional team whose combined knowledge, experience and empathy not only make you look good but feel good as well.

Dr David Powell has been doing my Botox injections for many years now .  A painless experience with natural fabulous results.  Thanks for making me look much younger than I am.

David and Lina are a professional, caring, knowledgeable team whom work with you to achieve a fabulous result. First time, every time.

Thank you for your support Angie.

Christina, 54, from Malvern,

I have been attending 3 monthly Botox and Carboxytherapy appointments with David and Lina for the past five years. They are truly professional and caring people.

They are the architects and the renovators of my face. I trust their opinion and have always been happy with the result. I believe that as one ages, maintenance is required, I care for other parts of my body by visiting Dentists, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Hairdressers etc, so it only seems logical to me that I look after my face.

I am not attempting to look younger, just a little better, I am 54 years of age and I do not wear makeup and have never believed in or purchased youthful creams.

Last year when David and Lina were on holiday I went to another business for Botox and came out with my face covered in bruises. This has never happened with David and Lina, I always leave their business feeling happy and looking fresh.

Thanks a lot for your support Christina. One problem with being a small but hopefully personal operation is that when we do take a break there isn’t anyone left ‘holding the fort’. Once in the past I had a colleague friend ”cover’ us when we were away. Although he was a friend of mine and runs his own cosmetic surgical business, it was a total disaster. Let’s just say our patients were not happy. So, we won’t do that again. We now take our annual holiday in June because Winter is the time of the year when people are least likely to require our services. With our new schedule  feature on the website you will be able to see in advance exactly when we take our break.

Jen, from Middle Park,

l have been seeing Dr David and Lina now for a few years and can only recommend them on their pleasant helpful non-judgmental attitudes…they offer all the latest services and always offer lots of informative information regarding new steps forward within the industry…they are always cheerful and make you feel completely at ease…l have tried a few other doctors but soon returned to Dr David even if it meant waiting longer than l wanted for an appointment…

Thank you for your kind words Jen. I wish I could see you whenever you want but our schedule does make this difficult.