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Lip Enhancement – for luscious , younger looking lips

For people who require more physical volume to their lips, lip enhancement can be obtained by restoring youthful anatomy with a filling substance such as re-absorbable products, non re-absorbable products or even your own body fat.

The lip border also known as the ‘white roll’ can be enhanced or recreated by filling. This provides youthfulness to your mouth by, providing improved lip structure, restoring your ‘cupids bow’, framing and defining your lips and by improving any vertical lip lines and creases.

The pink vermilion can be enhanced by filling. By judiciously filling the lips from inside the mouth the external lip appearance can be dramatically improved. Concentrating on filling the inner lip surface rolls the vermilion outwards and results in a natural looking, youthful ‘full lipped’ appearance.

It is important to understand the natural lip anatomy.

The upper lip has a central projected tubercle with two flanking cushions, whereas the lower lip has two lateral cushions that meet centrally in a slight depression. Therefore maximal lower lip projection is not central as per the upper lip, but on each side.





Concentrating on the inner lip surface and fully understanding lip anatomy produces natural looking lips and avoids the ‘bee stung’ look that has become a tell-tale sign of poor lip enhancement.

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