Platelet Rich Plasma PLUS Collagen Induction Treatment

PRP Facial Stem Cell Stimulation & Deep Dermal Rolling Collagen Induction Therapy


We introduced ‘Regen PRP Facial Stem Cell Regeneration’ into our practice during January 2009. It is also referred in the medical literature as ‘Facial Stem Cell Stimulation’, ‘Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy’, ‘Autologous Cellular Regeneration’ and even ‘The Kylie Facial’, owing to the fact that our famous singer has received this treatment in Spain and that it is possibly the secret to her new fresh look.  Madonna and Cher are also noted to be recipients of this treatment.


What is it? What’s the procedure? The entire treatment is performed in 1 session and takes under 1 hour. First we take some blood from your arm in exactly the same way as when you have a simple blood test. Your collected blood is then immediately ‘spun down’ in our centrifuge to extract the precious straw coloured serum that contains your body’s essential repair cells. These repair cells (called platelets and white blood cells) are concentrated and activated in special Regen test tubes that we obtain from Switzerland. (The activation process essentially mimics the environment that your white blood cells and platelets would receive if they in near a broken bone or in cut tissue within your body. This activation causes the release of many powerful repair factors. These factors are the ones that are responsible for the normal healing of your broken bones, cuts and wounds. What has been found after years of stem cell research is that aging body tissues can be repaired and rejuvenated with the injection of these natural repair factors. We are tricking your body into regarding your wrinkles and face as something that needs repairing. This breakthrough medical process is not only helping faces – it is also used in the treatment of many medical problems and during major surgeries, such as transplants, burn treatments, ulcer healing, bone grafts, musculoskeletal injuries, cardiac surgeries and even thinning hair.) Whilst your blood is being prepared we numb your face with local anaesthetic. Then your activated cell serum is then gently injected into your numbed skin using a microfine injection. Your natural repair factors are therefore delivered directly into areas of wrinkled, thinning, sagging, discoloured or damaged skin. The facial injection process takes 5 to 10 minutes and all areas of the face are usually covered. We can also treat anywhere on your skin, for example, scalp, neck, décolletage and back of the hands.


After your procedure you can leave straight away. You will have minor facial swelling for a few hours (it looks a bit like an allergic reaction to a skin cream) and maybe an occasional small bruise. This might sound drastic but remember although the procedure is simple, it is a powerful cosmetic treatment more like an injectable face lift, rather than a beauty treatment. But unlike a face lift there is no post procedural pain and you can return directly to your normal lifestyle. There are no major risks or side effects. The repairing factors are derived from your own body cells, so – you cannot be allergic to them, they are not foreign and of course cannot give you transmissible diseases. There is no danger of over stimulation. Nothing is safer than using your own activated repair cells to improve your face! Studies reveal that patients notice that after a few weeks their facial skin begins to improve and this improvement continues to occur over the next 12 to 18 months. The procedure is designed to smooth facial wrinkles and develop a more healthy and youthful appearance to the skin. It stimulates skin cells and resting stem cells to produce collagen, elastin and retain water molecules. It’s not cosmetic surgery but the effects can be quite amazing. How long the effects of one treatment will last is not known, though some researchers predict benefits to still be present for several years. At a recent seminar, Dr Powell stated “I have been blown away by the results that this procedure can achieve. It’s amazing. It also represents a new direction in medicine. I am certain that in the future many illnesses and even age related ones will be cured by stimulating a patient’s own repair cells.”

How much does it cost? We have always realized the huge potential of this treatment from the moment that we heard about it. Our faith is based upon the power of the many medical studies and on our personal knowledge of one of the first ‘human guinea pigs’ of this procedure, who had this procedure in Zurich in early 2008 (before it was approved for use in Australia in January 2009). Even the earliest recipients of this treatment – eg Kylie have only had this procedure performed in early 2008. We have successfully treated many hundreds of patients to date. (Dec 2010). We currently charge a very low $1300 for treatments but will be forced to increase this early in 2011. Around the world this procedure is currently around the $6000 to $10000 mark, depending upon how prestigious the performing centre is. Kylie, for example has been reported to have paid $6203 for hers in Spain in 2008. The Australian ‘going price’ currently is between from $2000 to $4000.  We know that our current price is a real bargain.


If you have deeper wrinkles or scars, consider adding Collagen Induction Therapy to your PRP treatment! Collagen Induction Therapy is where a deep dermal roller is rolled over your numbed skin to produce thousands of microscopic channels. This further stimulates the process of new collagen formation by around 2 to 5 times and also allows the serum to better penetrate through all skin layers. Consider adding CIT dermal rolling if you have more than just very fine lines. We vary the depth of the CIT dermal rolling depending upon the depth of your wrinkles. It is also especially useful on scars and stretch marks. If you wish to have the collagen induction therapy as well, realize that you will have redness and swelling for a few days and you may have a mild flakey peeling during the first few days after your treatment. These side effects are trivial in comparison to the power of this procedure.


How much does CIT cost when added to a PRP treatment? Since Januaryr 2010 we now combine a CIT dermal rolling treatment using a deep dermal roller, together with carboxytherapy, with your Regen PRP treatment. CIT dermal rolling and carboxytherapy are fantastic when combined with Regen PRP..


Current Cost summary – PRP treatment alone is around $1300. It is often combined with CIT dermal rolling and carboxytherapy. Call 1300 547 634 for appointments or more information.