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Helping Wrinkles

Muscle relaxing injections – for a more relaxed, younger looking you.

Muscle relaxing injections play a huge role in cosmetic medicine. It is delivered precisely by injection into the muscles that are required to be relaxed. Once within the muscle it achieves its beneficial action by preventing the muscle from fully contracting. The strength and duration of its action depends on the dose that is administered.


These injections have the same safety rating in pregnancy as many cough and cold remedies. Although it is not recommended to be given to pregnant women and nursing mothers, no adverse reports have occurred in over 60,000 cases. It is a very safe substance which achieves dramatic results. It is slowly broken down by the body over a 3 to 6 month period and therefore the treatment will need to be repeated to maintain the effect. If you decide to stop having this treatment your wrinkles will gradually return to their pre-treatment state.

Where you develop wrinkles is determined by the combination of the continual pulling of your facial muscles and the dragging effect of gravity. Where your facial muscles continually contract and relax, they fold, crease and wrinkle your overlying skin. This is especially evident across your forehead, around your lips and between and around your eyes. These wrinkles are the ones responsible for giving you the angry, sad or tired appearance

Muscle relaxing injections are used to prevent and treat facial wrinkles that are primarily caused by underlying muscular activity. It is ideal for horizontal forehead lines, vertical glabella lines between your eyes, peri-oral lip lines and radial crow’s feet around your eyes. The overactive muscles that cause wrinkles can be easily treated which either softens or removes existing wrinkles. It can also prevent the development of new wrinkles. It usually takes only very small doses to prevent the development of further wrinkles.

It can also be used to achieve other pleasing facial effects. It can raise drooping lip corners to transform a sour mouth with a poor smile into a balanced mouth with a beautiful smile. It can relax lip muscles to produce fuller lips which tend to pout beautifully rather than purse bitterly. It can raise lateral eyebrows and open the eyes. It can ease drooping nasal tips and flared nostrils. It can soften naso-labial folds and marionettes lines. It can soften popply chins and labio-mental lines. It can also soften sagging necks and lines on the upper chest.

The aim is to achieve the best possible results by using a combination of preventative and treatment doses. Using this strategy almost all people can afford to experience the amazing benefits that it can provide for their appearance. The injections are administered via a superfine needle, the point of which is finer than an acupuncture or electrolysis needle. As the needle is so small, local anaesthetic is not required. Even people who describe themselves as ‘needle phobics’ and are surprised at how easy the procedure is. All people can return back to their daily business after treatment, with the only visible sign of treatment being slight puffiness which can last up to 15 minutes, or very rarely a pinpoint bruise. They slowly and gradually relax the muscles over a 3 to 14 day period, so the effects will appear gradually over this period. Others will not realize what is responsible for your fresher, younger, happier and more relaxed appearance. These effects generally last around 3 to 6 months in most people. Some people can achieve an even longer lasting result, especially if they use the effects of their injections to reprogram themselves to stop habitual frowning. Some people require time to digest and ponder the treatments that are planned and elect to return for treatment at a later date. All appointments are naturally totally discrete and of course strictly confidential.

Upper forehead surprise lines

The upper forehead area responds very well and results in the smoothing of the horizontal surprise or worry lines. This particular area requires mastery both in the medical effects of injection administration and in the artistic appreciation of the human face.

Too much can result in eyebrow depression as well as the total inability to actively raise them. This inability becomes especially evident and annoying when people are unable to apply eye make up. This is one area where anatomical knowledge, artistic appreciation and experience are crucial.

The trick is to provide just the right amount to soften horizontal creases yet still maintain the natural ability to raise the eyebrows and maintain a high eyebrow resting position.

This is of utmost importance for those who already have depressed eyebrows. It is of lesser importance for those who have high eyebrows and of course for men who usually desire a horizontal type eyebrow.


Costs for this area vary widely depending upon anatomy and the desired effect, from as little as $45 to $150. The average is around $90.


Around the eyes

Treatment performs 4 basic functions around the eyes. Elevate the outer eyebrow. Soften crow’s feet. Widen the eyes for a more open look. Minimize jelly-rolling under the eye when smiling.

As eye and eyebrow shapes vary widely from one person to another, treatment varies widely from person to person. Although injections can dramatically soften lines around the eyes at rest, it doesn’t usually remove all lines from around the eyes when you are smiling.

This is because your rising cheek mass compresses the skin below the eyes and produce smiling wrinkles. The dose used depends upon the effect that is being desired and the age of the patient.

Younger people tend to achieve a greater effect. The cost around the eyes can be as little as $90 to $300. The average is usually $180.



Some people with straight lips at rest do not get sufficient lip-upturn when smiling to produce a beautiful happy smile. They also can benefit from this simple treatment. Costs for this treatment vary from $30 to $60 depending upon what is required.

Around the mouth

The outer fibres of your mouth muscle can be relaxed with the application of very small amounts.  This technique counteracts the effect of a lengthening upper lip ledge and results in your lip rolling back out from your mouth, giving you improved ‘lip show’. This technique is especially effective for people whose lips retract a lot when they smile. Your mouth becomes more relaxed and loses its tight pursed appearance. This gives you the appearance of having younger, fuller and wider lips. Improvement also occurs to both existing and developing vertical lip lines.

People with down-turned lips look sad or sour. Their down-turned lip corners cannot rise sufficiently to produce a normal happy smiling appearance. When they smile they never appear happy, but rather like they are being sarcastic or deceitful. This can be reversed by simply relaxing the overactive muscle that is responsible for producing lip down-turn.

Around the nose

Injections can be used to soften the appearance of wrinkles on the side of the nose. These wrinkles are often called the’ Bunny Lines’ or ‘Wolf Lines.’ The cost for this treatment is $90.

They can also be used to soften the appearance of the Naso-Labial Fold in some people, particularly those people who have a ‘Gummy’ smile. The Naso-Labial Fold is the line that runs from the side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. The cost for this treatment is between $30 to $90.


For the neck

Injections can soften both horizontal and vertical neck lines.

They can also minimize platysmal muscle bands. Costs for neck treatment is usually around $225.

Controling excessive perspiration

Injections can be used to control excessive perspiration. Small injections are placed directly into the sweat gland containing armpit skin. They block the glands from producing sweat, often for 6 to 12 months. This treatment costs $1000.


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