Over Your Neck

Lines and wrinkles over the neck can be helped in a variety of ways.

Carboxytherapy helps by increasing the oxygenation of the skin and the supporting tissues. This treatment produces a gentle lift, improves the skin appearance and soften wrinkles. It is not a permanent treatment. The results are more like taking a bodybuilding course that improves the appearance of your body, but when you stop the body will slowly return to its natural condition. Carboxytherapy is usually repeated every month or two until maximum results are achieved. Then six monthly maintenance treatments are used to maintain the results. Carboytherapy  costs $150 each session but this includes treatment over the entire face, neck and decolletage.

If you have a skinny neck with tight vertical bands running from your neck to your chest, these can be improved by using muscle relaxing injections to relax the muscles that underlie the tight bands. Tight neck muscles act  like a bow string and relaxing them allows the skin to come closer to the contour of the neck. Costs for this treatment vary from around $90 to $300 depending upon the number and severity of the bands.

Horizontal lines can be treated with both muscle relaxing injections or Carboxytherapy. Platelet Rich Plasma combined with Collagen Induction by Deep Dermal Rolling which costs $1500.

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