Vertical ‘Glabella’ Frown Lines – Between Your Eyes & Above Your Nose


Muscle relaxing injections for glabella lines between the eyes

The lower portion of the forehead between your eyes, known medically as the glabella area is the area where gained its initial cosmetic reputation. It can relax even the most stubborn of frowns to create a more relaxed disposition.

The glabella frown often implies the negative emotions of anger, bitterness, frustration and worry. No wonder why people desire the relaxed brow that implies peace and serenity.

A heavy frown is often associated with tension headaches or migraines – and these are often relieved by treatment. Glabella treatment also elevates the inner eyebrows to produce an opened eye appearance.

Costs for in this area vary from as little as $120 for a preventative dose to $300 for stubborn muscles. The average is usually around $225.




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