‘Crows Feet’ Lines Around Your Eyes

Muscle relaxing injections for around the eyes

Treatment can perform 4 basic functions around the eyes. Elevate the outer eyebrow. Soften crow’s feet. Widen the eyes for a more open look. Minimize jelly-rolling under the eye when smiling.

As eye and eyebrow shapes vary widely from one person to another, the treatment varies widely from person to person. Although treatment can dramatically soften lines around the eyes at rest, it doesn’t usually remove all lines from around the eyes when you are smiling.

This is because your rising cheek mass compresses the skin below the eyes and produce smiling wrinkles. The amount of product used depends upon the effect that is being desired and the age of the patient.

Younger people tend to achieve a greater effect. The cost for treatment around the eyes can be as little as $90 to $300. The average is usually $180.

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