Horizontal ‘Worry’ Lines Across Your Forehead

Muscle relaxing injections for upper forehead surprise lines

The upper forehead area responds very well and results in the smoothing of the horizontal surprise or worry lines. This particular area requires mastery both in the medical effects of administration and in the artistic appreciation of the human face.

Too much can result in eyebrow depression as well as the total inability to actively raise them. This inability becomes especially evident and annoying when people are unable to apply eye make up. This is one area where anatomical knowledge, artistic appreciation and experience are crucial.

The trick is to provide just the right amount to soften horizontal creases yet still maintain the natural ability to raise the eyebrows and maintain a high eyebrow resting position.

This is of utmost importance for those who already have depressed eyebrows. It is of lesser importance for those who have high eyebrows and of course for men who usually desire a horizontal type eyebrow.


Costs for in this area vary widely depending upon anatomy and the desired effect, from as little as $45 to $150. The average is around $60.

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