‘Marionette’ Lines Running Downwards From Your Lip Corners To Your Jaw

Marionette Lines derive their names from the old fashion Marionette Puppets that have a separate piece containing their entire lower lip & chin. When they speak this wholes section moves up and down via lines that ran down from their lip corners to their chin.

Minor marionette lines in leaner people can be treated by placing a little muscle relaxation injection into the muscles that run under the lines and tend to pull down the lip corners. By relaxing the muscles that pull down the lip corners, this allows the muscles on the upper lip to exert a greater lifting effect. The end result is that the resting lip corner position is elevated, the smile is more up going and the marionette lines  are improved.

If the weight of the jowls to the immediate outside of the marionette lines are too heavy, then this subtle change in muscle balance due to muscle relaxation treatment is insufficient to produce an improvement. In these circumstances the treatment is to inject a dermal filler directly beneath the marionette lines. Filling the lines will then dramatically soften them. Sometimes we also inject lipodissolve directly into the fat of the jowls so that we can decrease the size and severity of the jowls.

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