Bags Below Your Eyes

Bags below the eyes are a very common and annoying problem. The ultimate treatment is to have a lower blepharoplasty where the fatty contents of the bag are cut out  during a surgical procedure. Downtime after this procedure is usually a couple of weeks.

There are a few other treatments that can be used for those who don’t want such a drastic procedure performed.

A little muscle relaxing injections around the eyes and below the bags can relax the skin below the bag which reduces its severity. The trick here is to avoid the bag itself as relaxing the muscles directly over the bag will increase its appearance.

Some dermal filler into the groove immediately below the bag will decrease its appearance.

We have found that when the entire face is treated with carboxytherapy, eye bags tend to improve with time.

A minute amount of lipodissolve injected directly into the bag will gradually shrink them.

The best treatment for each person will vary according to the degree of bag formation and additional factors such as skin quality and the depth of any surrounding lines or furrows. Call us on 0409511544 for further information or to make a consultation with our doctor to discuss your individual concerns.

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