Around Your Lips

Muscle relaxing injections for around the mouth

The outer fibres of your mouth muscle can be relaxed with the application of very small amounts of product. This technique counteracts the effect of a lengthening upper lip ledge and results in your lip rolling back out from your mouth, giving you improved ‘lip show’. This technique is especially effective for people whose lips retract a lot when they smile. Your mouth becomes more relaxed and loses its tight pursed appearance. This gives you the appearance of having younger, fuller and wider lips. Improvement also occurs to both existing and developing vertical lip lines.

People with down-turned lips look sad or sour. Their down-turned lip corners cannot rise sufficiently to produce a normal happy smiling appearance. When they smile they never appear happy, but rather like they are being sarcastic or deceitful. This can be reversed by simply relaxing the overactive muscle that is responsible for producing lip down-turn.

Some people with straight lips at rest do not get sufficient lip-upturn when smiling to produce a beautiful happy smile. They also can benefit from this simple treatment. BTA to the lips lasts around 3 to 4 months. Costs for this treatment vary from $45 to $120 depending upon what is required.

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